Synapses are the central information processors in the brain. Their function, efficacy and plasticity are key determinants of all brain functions, and of the corresponding behavioral output. Conversely, aberrant synapse function is the cause of many neurological and psychiatric disorders. The ultimate objective of the project is to generate a functional virtual synapse, in silico, that covers both the presynaptic and postsynaptic compartments. The SFB consists of 28 subprojects, which research different aspects of synapse functionality. We work on the subproject Z2: Integrative data analysis and interpretation, and generation of a synaptic integrative data strategy (SynIDS). To support virtual synapse model construction, the subproject Z2 aims to generate a database that will integrate all data from the CRC. The result is a database to store virtually all of the information obtained in the CRC in a common, searchable type of format, which will be supplied in digested format to all other partners via a web interface. Lists and graphics of key genes, signaling cascades, and network hubs will be provided, and will be subject to validation in cell culture systems, model organisms, or patient material. Validated results will be made publically available on a web server. The morphological and protein distribution data will also be integrated into this database, and will serve to generate new models and hypotheses for synaptic function. Last but not least, the Z2 project also works towards suitable data management for the CRC as a whole.