Our data integration group takes care of developing and applying principles, standards and software for FAIR storage and semantic integration of different types of biological data, such as high-throughput sequencing, proteomics, or microscopy. We have a strong focus on visualization of data based on our in-house graphical library. With our tools we actively participate in diverse research projects at UKE and beyond, and we cooperate with public libraries and private companies. Our research areas cover neurodegenerative diseases, immunity, neuroscience, etc., that profit from integrated, versioned, well-structured, ontology-annotated and searchable data. We use graphs to analyse connected data such as gene and protein networks, or ontologies, and knowledge graphs to represent objects like biomedical entities or publications. Such graphs can be used for semantic search, as well as for analysis of data, such as enrichment or biological term similarity.

Selected Projects


Dr. Maksims Fiosins
Postdoctoral Fellow

Semantic data integration, development of web apps, data analysis, machine learning of omics data (in autoimmune diseases, neuroscience)

Felipe Barquero Jiménez
Data Scientist
Sven Heins
IT Manager / Data Scientist

Biomedical Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Graph Construction – build and deploy end-to-end data integration tools based on machine learning

Zeba Sultana
PhD Student


Dr. Sergio Oller Moreno
Postdoctoral Fellow
Constantin Holzapfel
PhD Student

Multi-omics data integration and data analysis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), web development

Rotem Revivo
Full Stack Developer