IMSB is collaborating with various clinics within the UKE and external partners to find innovative solutions to different image analysis problems. Our main focus is on the automated analysis of medical imaging data, contributing to a deeper understanding of these diseases and eventually bringing tools into the clinic that can support pathologists’ and radiologists’ analyses we work with various types of imaging data, from tissue biopsies using classical as well as innovative microscopy technologies to magnetic resonance imaging.

Selected Projects


Prof. Dr. Marina Zimmermann
Team Lead

Medical image analysis of histopathological and immunofluorescent microscopy images through segmentation,classification and survival prediction with fully and weakly supervised (deep) learning.

Patrick Fuhlert
PhD Student

Survival Prediction with Deep Learning on Electronic Health Records.

Fabian Westhäußer
PhD Student
Dr. Michael Brehler
Project Manager / Imaging Scientist

Advanced medical image analysis (mainly histology, CT and MRI), scientific consultation and project management

Nico Kaiser
PhD Student
Anja Witte
PhD Student


Dr. Esther Dietrich
PhD Student

Research on applying Deep Learning algorithms on histopathology images for survival prediction.

Dr. Anne Ernst
Postdoctoral Fellow

Deep learning for medical data (Electronic Health Records, histopathological and radiological image data). Special focus on time-to-event/survival prediction and Clinical Decision Support.

Constantin Holzapfel
PhD Student

Multi-omics data integration and data analysis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), web development

Emma-Maria Efremova
Master Student
Jannick Tietjens
Bachelor Student

Deep learning-based segmentation of immunofluorescence and histopathology images.

Ann-Katrin Thebille
Master Student and Research Assistant
Laura Wenderoth
Bachelor Student

Deep learning-based analysis of immunofluorescence and histopathology images.

Malte Kuehl
Medical Doctoral Student

Bioinformatic analysis of high-dimensional medical image data, weakly-supervised deep learning for segmentation and classification, tooling for image postprocessing, annotation and integrated analysis pipelines.

Martin Klaus
Medical Doctoral Student
Nagalikhitha Reddipalli
Master Student