The Biomedical Data Analysis team mainly focuses on the data obtained in medical biology with high-throughput molecular profiling and to make omics technologies usable for translational applications. These include the extraction of relevant biological signals and predictive features from neurodegenerative diseases and immunity across species (human, mouse, rat, pig) and in a variety of tissues and biofluids (kidney, liver, brain, blood) on various modalities: DNA methylation, RNA expression, protein abundance, and tissue histopathological images. We focus on integration and analysis of the data using machine learning approaches and statistics to reveal disease-relevant regulated pathways and improve our understanding of whole biological systems. Our group continuously develops and applies state-of-the-art omics pipelines, as well as omics-based diagnostic analysis and therapeutic approaches closely collaborating with the Data Integration and Genomic AI teams and in cooperation with several research groups both within and outside the UKE. The main experiences we have are in biostatistics, large-scale data analysis and integration of multi-omics data, machine learning and scientific programming, which are beneficial for our collaborators.

Selected Projects


Dr. Sonja Hänzelmann
Team Lead
Project coordination, single cell/nuclear RNA-seq analysis, methylation, multi-omics analyses, cell-cell communication inference, spatial transcriptomics, kidney disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
Robin Khatri
PhD Student

Machine learning for scRNA-seq, Deconvolution

Cedric Ly
PhD Student

single cell/nuclear RNA-seq analysis

Dr. Maksims Fiosins
Postdoctoral Fellow

Semantic data integration, development of web apps, data analysis, machine learning of omics data (in autoimmune diseases, neuroscience)

Dr. Malte Borggrewe
Postdoctoral Fellow
Zeba Sultana
PhD Student
Manuela Poet
PhD Student


Dr. Sergio Oller Moreno
Postdoctoral Fellow
Constantin Holzapfel
PhD Student

Multi-omics data integration and data analysis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), web development

Melanie Ebbing
Master Student

RNASeq / Omics data analysis

Dr. Anna-Maria Liebhoff
PhD Student
Dr. Yu Zhao
Postdoctoral Fellow

Single-cell sequencing data analysis of immune cells in inflammatory diseases

Tianran Zhang
PhD Student
Dr. Fabian Hausmann
Postdoctoral Fellow

Research on generative models for transcriptomic data to reconstruct missing expression information and other applications in the single-cell RNA-seq field.